To extract data from any type of tweet, you need a Twitter Developer account. You have to apply for this status from your current Twitter account and the process takes a couple of days to a week. Twitter is very thorough!

After you obtain the Developer status for your Twitter account, make sure to obtain the following four values which can be obtained from the Keys and Access Tokens Section in your Twitter settings.

CONSUMER_KEY = 'consumer_key'
CONSUMER_SECRET = 'consumer_secret'
OAUTH_TOKEN = 'oauth_token'
OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET = 'oauth_token_secret'

To set up, you need to define these values and import the necessary packages.

Data extraction is crucial in the NLP domain whether it be from web pages or tweets or someplace else. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where Beautiful Soup comes in. Simply put, Beautiful Soup is a Python package for parsing HTML and XML documents.

In the rest of this blog, I shall try to explain how to use Beautiful Soup to extract data out of some URLs I’ve extracted and stored in an array so buckle up.

Before using this package, you need to import it.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

NOTE: I have a few URLs linking to news articles…

Installing Spin on your machine can be a bit tough as the documentation is not up to date. So, in order to overcome that hurdle, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Download the .gz file into your system from the spin official website.
  2. Next, carry out the below steps before installing anything or making any changes.
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install build-essential

3. Then move the spin6.4.6.tar.gz file to /opt/ file. (The version I got at the time of writing this is Spin 6.4.6. hence why it’s used throughout. Change it accordingly).

mv spin6.4.6.tar.gz /opt/

4. Next, extract the .tar…

When working with react, one might, well… one will almost always, need to store and retrieve environmental variables. After scouring the internet for hours, I landed on a module named dotenv, which assisted me with the task at hand. It helps to load the variables on your .env file to .process .env. which can then be accessed from where ever you want in your app.

So to start off, let’s create our react app and navigate into it.

npx create-react-app react-app
cd react-app
npm start

Next, you can create your .env files in the root folder and add your environmental…

Googe I/O, which stands for “input/output” or as their slogan suggests “innovation in the open” is the annual Developer conference organized by Google every year to announce the world of their latest developments and releases and this year was no exception. Here are some of the biggest highlights of this year’s Google I/O.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

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